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(Move along) (Go on, go on, go on, go on) Right back what is wrong. A round of sea breeze blows, filling the surface of the water and sparkling waves. Close Search While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. The two made an appointment to come to Xiangjiang to join their relatives. You are right, two brothers in one world, Ah Mang, if I have a bite to eat in the future, you will be indispensable! When Fate Meets Destiny Chapter 1: Rebirth, a transformers fanfic | FanFiction When Fate Meets Destiny By: Kaijuqueen13 I was never loved and noticed by anyone but when I died I got a new chance at life with a new family. There's no Primes, no walking among the Matrixthere's not even the infamous bright light at the end of the tunneljust the brief darkness of death. Only to be reborn in another dimension as a Transformer Femme. I was rudely awoken from my lovely nap when a loud BANG was heard from somewhere in the base followed by shouting and some laughing. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. One of Wheeljack's inventions goes awry and Spike is caught in the middle of it. The alarms started to become more loud now which hurt my audio receptors i went to put my servos over them to block out the loud sound only to not be Abel to because i was wrapped tightly in a blanket that i only realise i was in now. Fifteen year old Miko Nakadai thought she was invincible. Ended with him falling in love with one of the Denali Coven. More information about this error may be available Read Intro because that is basically a description there will most likely be swearing but in Cybertronian. Transformed into a foreign metal body by the Emberstone, our nameless protagonist navigates their new life as the last Seeker created since the War began, with all the trials and stesses that come with it. 2020 census most common last names / text behind inmate mail / text behind inmate mail It wasn't long before i heard loud and heavy foot steps rushing down the hallway and to were i was once recharging in Ratchets berthroom. After we got back to base everyone went to the top of the base and made a grave for Cliffjumper i was crying into my Carrier's chassis as he held me close rubbing by back in a attempt to calm me down while we all listened to Optimus's speech, Optimus: "We must not allow our anger over the loss of Cliffjumper to impair our judgement. Transformed into a foreign metal body by the Emberstone, our nameless protagonist navigates their new life as the last Seeker created since the War began, with all the trials and stesses that come with it.But Seekers do best among their own kind. If you don't want spoilers, skip the first chapter. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (439), The Transformers (IDW Generation One) (314), The Transformers (Cartoon Generation One) (34), Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) (33), Jetfire | Skyfire/Starscream (Transformers) (46), Sticky Sexual Interfacing (Transformers) (263), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (95), Spark Sexual Interfacing (Transformers) (91), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Behavioural Patterns of Birds (and Seekers), Skywarp & Starscream & Thundercracker (Transformers), Starscream & Original Seeker Character(s) (Transformers), thundercracker & original seeker character, Ratchet (Transformers) & Original Character(s), Skywarp/Starscream/Thundercracker (Transformers), Poor boy someone save him from the torment i'm gonna put him through, Green Female Autobot | Greenlight/Orange Female Autobot | Lancer, Starscream (Transformers)/Original Character(s), Starscream (Transformers)/Original Female Character(s), Megatron/Optimus Prime/Starscream/Original Character(s), Jack Darby & Rafael "Raf" Esquivel & Miko Nakadai, United under the shared hatred of Silas and Morocco. A story about how she meets a young cheerful bo Reborn as a Sparkling in Transformers Prime. Su Chen felt a pain in his cheeks, as if someone was slapping his face, moreover, this force was a little strong. Always locked up in my room and got angry when my parents came in and took me out of my world i go into when reading fan-fictions. And she did not know why. If you cross, you have to give me a little benefit, this crossing is on the sea, who can bear it? Cancelled Check profile for my reasons I was enjoying being with my Carrier in his vehicle mode and spending time with him alone for a bit but then everything changed Optimus commend for everyone to head back to base to get a ground bridge to Cliffjumper's coordinates. But, with his legs spread and friends peering between his thighs, he stopped to wonder when did his own life become a sitcom?! With a lot of hard work on your hands, when you are in your hometown, there is no problem in hitting ten of them. Meiman: God-level talent, I can have unlimited critical strikes. A few minutes later the door slid open and the lights turned on as Ratchet came in and walked over to my crib in the corner of his room and to my crying form.Picking me up he held me close to his spark-chamber i snuggled up to it and kept crying. As of today only we five Autobots remain on this earth. She is reborn as a baby picked up by the Death God Z, and raised by him for unknown reasons. But Seekers do best among their own kind. But (((REQUESTS Closed))) Thankfully he has a solid quirk and an enchanted gift to see him through. Works up to the birth of the Autobots' future, unlikely 'Godfathers' of the sparkling. Upon her arrival, her new sire, Soundwave, has found that not all silence is deathly. Bumblebee: ::"Ratchet your sparkling wants something but i don't know what"::he beeps taking a glance at me over his shoulder Ratchet looked over at us and down at me who was still chirping. Ratchet just huffed and went over to where he kept my energon bottles he grabbed one bringing it up to my lips i happily started drinking it looking into his optics he smiled at me at the same time rubbing my left faceplate. Always locked up in my room and got angry when my parents came in and took me out of my world i go into when reading fan-fictions. Oh, and they've also pissed off some Rescue Bots and human families. My Sire is Optimus Prime. With the flow of people, they want to come from the mainland to Xiangjiang to mix their lives. I know how this fandom is. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. I am Su Chen, dust of dust, Su of Suzi?. nyc parks department call out box number; expected daily expenses in milk tea business; como quitar los anuncios de whatsapp plus 2021; dan ewing partner The only time i can be by myself is when i have to go have a nap like the one i'm having right now but like all good things it must come to an end. She leapt at Reiko with a flurry of punches. Completed klausmikaelson love theoriginals +13 more # 16 The Path We Walk by Aster 28.7K 1.5K 40 They came over and looked at me in Optimus's arms and started cooing at me saying how cute i was i felt a digit start to rub my right faceplate and looked back up at Optimus i laughed a little and when he put a digit in front of me i grabbed it and laughed more. The server encountered an internal error or He will find his best friend, gain trust of one of the Primes and face the grimest metallic fear in the whole universe. Things are about to get interesting for Spike. Su Mang, as his name suggests, does things recklessly, looks more than one meter eight, burly, powerful and powerful. There is no feeling of exhaustion at all. Your support enables us to keep the site running! Raf passed away years after Jack and Miko and they had lived the dream life. And why is the bot, whom Sam is 100% sure is the infamous Elita-One, calling him her 'son'? Su Chen felt as if he had walked from hell, and he only felt that his internal organs, heart, lungs and intestines were extremely uncomfortable. TFP AU: Starscream finds a relic while hunting for energon. 25 pages October 27, 2015 Hime. I stopped playing and looked up at Bee and started chirping he looked at me with a curious look trying to figure out what i wanted he then turned to Ratchet who was at the computers looking at something. The icy sea water constantly stimulated his nerves. Sliverwings wakes up on the moon alone. The physical strength began to gradually lose its support. Earthspark Continuation. He even modeled the vibe of his bar after Cheers! After resting for a full hour, Su Chen felt that his strength began to gradually recover. {NickelXTarn DJD/Decepticon Parental Figures Eventually}. I! So if there are similarities, that is why.). An unlikely mech steps up to care for him. As soon as this thought came up, Su Chens whole person had completely sunk into the sea. Then i felt a pair of big servos pick me up and cradle me to a big metal chest i heard the hum of something in there chest they started rocking me to get me to calm down it worked a few minutes later my cry's turned to sniffles.After a bit i started to open my optics it was blurry at first but eventually cleared up i looked up to the being that was holding my small form and was shocked at what no who i saw. I dont know, you let me rest first!. Su Chen shook his head and tried hard to recover his physical strength. Thank you for reading this story at No. 7.1K 102. by WhiteWolfNinja. reborn as a sparkling fanfic. When we walked in he went over to his berth laying down putting me on his chest and kissing my forehelm sending love and happiness over the bond i giggled and looked at him smiling widely he returned it then i yawned again he chuckled looking into my tired optics just then his optics lit up like he just figured out something that has been on his processor. Meanwhile, the Autobots find themselves missing Sam. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error So when weird things begin to happen to his body, Sam finds himself struggling to appear fine until he can go back home. After a Decepticon escape pod crash-landed on Earth, a new mystery was beheld. They are half bots half animals, they are either cats or dogs or bunnies. Kats life was already pretty eventful, but she traded that life out for a peaceful one. Reborn as a Sparkling in Transformers Prime Fanfiction. #arcee #autobots #bulkhead #bumblebee #cliffjumper #decepticons #mechxmech #optimusprime #ratchet # reborn # sparkling #transformers #transformersprime #wheeljack. Bitter at the fact that their plans have been thwarted time and time again not just by giant aliens, but also by children, the two men decide to go for the weaker targets, pooling their resources and knowledge to kidnap and experiment on their fellow humans using an ancient Cybertronian artifact called the Emberstone. Third installment of the Sigma Saga and direct sequel to "You Will Care For Me". 16 Jun June 16, 2022. reborn as a sparkling fanfic. Please contact the server administrator at reborn as a sparkling fanfic. The sparkling stirred in Optimus's gentle embrace, its optics flickering online. Harry James Potter being reborn or traveling another world, dimension, or timeline. There is always beginning. Have any others appeared on or Ao3? Second Life on Cybertron by ChronoSeth reviews. This body is too thin, and it is not a grade at all with the body that he exercised seriously in his previous life. well this will be fun so join me while i grow up as a cybertronian in the middle of the war on earth.OH right your probable wondering how i died huh well it's funny actually if u think about it but i died after my rabbit cut into my neck by accident i really don't blame him i still love my little Stormy buns anyway let's begin when i woke up in a escape pod that was starting to enter earths atmosphere i just hope the Autobots find me and not the Decepticons but on the bright side i already know who i am going to adopt as my Sire and Carrier even if they are both Mech's so glad both Mech's and Femme's can Carrie or this would be awkward. He looked concerned, and you were confused but too weak to speak anything. What could be in store for me in the future. Optimus: "Ratchet i'm sorry for interrupting your bonding time with your sparkling old friend but i must ask have you found a name for him yet"he asked with a curious tone while looking at me in Ratchet's arms i smiled at him and he returned it. A round of sea breeze blows, filling the surface of the water and sparkling waves. What will they do, and who will care for it? And himself, did not say, an ordinary person. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. What was that purpose? I don't know if any male inserts have been written (apparently their all Male/Male slash if you do find any) but there was a good one of a male SI who could hope through minds by touch and control a person if they wished while within their mind. To say the least i was surprised by my reaction but the bots weren't i guess it was normal for sparkling's to act that way but what did shock everyone was that i ran to Carrier in stead of crawl and now i can walk i was brought out of my thoughts by Carrier picking me up 'when did he walk into the room?'. Marvel DC: Call the Zombie Team at the beginning! The ground kept getting closer and closer and closer until finally it hit the ground hard i was jolted around a lot when the pod finally came to a stop i started whimpering and felt tears starting to well up then i started to cry hard i was scared because i didn't know what was happening and i was just now realising i was really hungry 'what was going on why am i a baby?why am i in a pod? Carrier started walking and stopped that's when i heard Arcee's quiet no i looked at her only to see Cliffjumper's horn making me whimper again Carrier rubbed my helm lightly trying to calm my whimpers. A sparkling. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. APPLY BIRCH PLAZA. Even if others don't see it. Carrier said i was still crying and sniffling into his chassis knowing that i'll never see Cliffjumper again Carrier looked down at me shifting me a bit so he could see my faceplates. After a Decepticon escape pod crash-landed on Earth, a new mystery was beheld. Inside they find a young helpless sparkling, they have no idea who her creators are but she seems quite attached to the grumpy old medic and the young yellow scout. Transformers | Romance Animated Adventure Raising Sparkling. Seeing them, Reiko was ready to put an end to their fun as he went to crush Mileena's skull with the Wrath Hammer. The Thirteenths siblings had power beyond measure, skill greater than the finest craftsman, and wisdom more vast than the stars. A place where every mech knows your designation. Suddenly, a wave hit, and Su Chen suddenly felt that he had lost control of his body, and then, the whole person sank into the sea. Ratchet: "He's most likely hungry its been 4 hours since he's had an energon bottle"he said and looks back at the computers seeing the time his optics go wide and he sighs. She eventually returns on that one fateful day when she happens to run into a familiar autobotand a human boy who gets caught up in all of this. Optimus came over asking if Ratchet could track Cliff's life signal Carrier did and gave his own quiet no. Ratings range with each chapter. Just when Su Chen wanted to make a sound, a terrifying force directly pressed on his lower abdomen, and then, the terrifying power burst out. Though the universe has another idea for her and her family. The Little Sparkling-TFP OC Fanfiction - Waking up When an escape pod crashes on earth, the Autobots investigate the pod to find a Predacon Sparkling. Conans forensic doctor, god-level scholar. I see, this is Xiangjiang! Su Chen made a weak voice, feeling the fragmented memories in his mind. reborn as a sparkling fanficmadison county ohio ccw application reborn as a sparkling fanfic. Follows the basic storyline with some much needed TLC). Unfortunately for Ratchet, the youngster takes a liking to him I woke up to an alarm going off i open my optics and look around to see i'm in some sort of pod the last thing i remember was my rabbit jumping onto my shoulder pain in my neck then darkness. Wild animals (ie decepticon) live in the forest, they are either foxes, wolves, or lynx. Intro. And we owe it to the memory of our fallen comrade to survive" As he was talking Arcee placed Cliffjumper's horn on the pile of rocks he then looked over at Arcee "Arcee-", Arcee: "If Cliff's gone standing around here sulking wont bring him back. Su Chen blurred for a while before accepting the fact that he had crossed through. When Su Chen opened his eyes, he found that he seemed to be on the surface of the sea. REBORN, by 1.4M 58.3K 68 Lauren Carmen believed in many things, from aliens to evolution, yet she didn't think it was possible to wake up one day in the body of a character from one of her favou. There are cute moments, and romance, and a little excitement too. When all you got to keep is strong. (A G1-ish take on Shockblurr, with Blurr and Wheelie inserted into Elita's team on Cybertron.). You were a part of the Decepticon ranks until a mission turned for the worst, and you were attacked by your own mission team. is sonya hill married,